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Be a JEDI. Write NOW! Just Effing Do It - in calm and confidence

Yo, badass business lady!

You can do a LOT of things, and all of them really well. But writing isn’t one of them; you’ve come to realize. You find you fear the blank page in your backend. Yet, you need your offer sorted. Your landing page sounding lovely. Your language less meh and more MARVELLOUS, dahling!

But the writer in you is blocked and the monkeys in your mind are going bananas. Your thoughts can’t seem to settle, except those that keep whispering to switch on Netflix, grab the Ben & Jerry’s and just give on up already…Sound familiar?

Fret not. We’ll get your copy from mad dash to damn marvellous.
With simple but effective breathing, yoga, singing and, yeah, actual WRITING techniques.


be a JEDI. write NOW!

To amp up your mindfulness and make YOU the bouncer AND the DJane in your head-discotheque. (And no, this doesn’t necessarily involve sticking your foot above your head.)
To get your creative juices flowing again and unblock the calm you need to write confidently and clearly. With input and exercises in film, audio and PDF format you can peruse at your own speed.

Let’s put some balls into those ball point pens and get the pointless insecurity jitters to sod the f off.

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Writing it will teach you, the creative force feel you shall.

It’s going to be a blast of fresh air for your copywriting skills. And it’ll do wonders for your frazzled entrepreneur brains (and those hunched office shoulders), too. I promise!

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