Who is thisDr. Katja Brunkhorst?

Scholar, rock musician, mother, Ashtanga yoga student and teacher and, last but certainly not least, freelance author, copy writer and mompreneur. I get a kick out of creating connections between people, am passionate about being a mother, musician and yogini; and I feel blessed I get to deal with words and languages in many different registers for a living. Exciting encounters and travels, whether in books or in real life, keep me young; I need to learn new things constantly and incorrect punctuation in other people’s texts can really get my goat. Those many different roles, however, share one motivation behind them: Being fascinated with communication in all its forms, how it sounds – and how it can work. I call language home.

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Characters & Words

“Verwandt-Verwandelt” (PhD-Dissertation, München: Iudicium, 2006), available as a proper book at Amazon; or here in PDF. Upon request: Work samples from my agency time, including brochures and books; journalistic work and essays (or simply have a look at the “DiAries” ).




Songs & Sounds

During the last two decades, I’ve sung, written lyrics and performed in a variety of bands – something which is incredibly useful when teaching or presenting today. Have an earful of Kyuss covers, French Rilke poems set to music or my own songs here.




Dates & Facts

Where was I again when exactly, and why? I have trouble keeping up with myself sometimes, as a cosmopolitan country bumpkin or, more elegantly put, “European Female”. Thank feck I have my CV for that – as, should you want it, have you now.


Brunkhorst’s BloggingDiAries

Personal preferences, pet hates and perspectives of the person behind Bright Idea, astro nerd from the Palatinate, Katja B.

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So, what aboutYoga?

“Shtira sukham asanam” is Sanskrit for: “The pose ought to be strong and sweet”, and one of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras – to me, the most essential one: We need strong roots in order to grow, and to develop supple branches that won’t break when the wind blows a bit more strongly. This is what yoga helps me with: to rest a little bit more within myself in the daily madness of life as a mompreneur. And that is why I have now completed my fourth and final year of BDY/EUY yoga teacher training, more than 800 hours in total, having the wisdom of that tradition, which is thousands of years old, help me in everything I do. Sweet!

A Bright Mind“You can’t be in two bands at once. Tom Petty tried it with The Heartbreakers and The Wilburys, nearly killed the guy!”

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