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In our 1:1 packages, we create WordPress websites that stand out, holistic concepts, high-end copy and gorgeous graphic design for web & print. Authentic & creative, in English, German and Dutch.

However, if you are at a stage where 1:1 ain't the right fit - worry not, for we'll hit your brand's light switch by revealing your identities in one of our online courses or group programs instead. Get communicatin' and re-discover your relevant message with fun and confidence through BRAND NEW DU - or finally fill your own WordPress website with words and pictures that will work for you extremely effectively, without that hefty premium pricetag, in DIY Kickstart!

with Katja:

Brand New Du

As an online entrepreneur, you are your brand, your brand is you - simple. But how to capture that essence of your personality and unique abilities? So that your ideal clients hear you, see you, fall in love with you - AND hand over their credit card faster than you can say "super spreader"? Easy: you need to become again who you are, become conscious of that - and confident to shout about YOU. Hop on that wait list! The first round in English WILL be coming in 2022!


with hans:

DIY Kickstart

Get ready for your own, pre-built WordPress website! Bright Idea's very own Hans gives you a kickstart to your dream project: with ready-made sample pages, including a blog. We take care of the tech for you so you can concentrate on filling your site with your own content and design. But you don't have to go through it alone! We'll help you as you develop your website - and, if you choose to take part in the live round, so will you small posse of fellow kickstarters. Check out our dreamy Hans-on approach - the happy end to all your website nightmares!

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