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oday, we CELEBRATE! We’ve been working on it for a long time – for a very long time (just how long exactly, we’re not going to reveal) – but here it is, our new agency website! Take a look around, let us know if we have overlooked anything, and yes, also tell us what you like about it.

And if you also want to help people with your business and make the world a little bit better, feel free to get in touch. We make sure your brand is up to the task! We’ve put together beautiful packages for you that combine all of our knowledge and combined experience for you – no matter where you are on your way to becoming an entrepreneur. Fellow idealists are welcome, but there is no Bright Idea for nazis, climate change deniers, negative peeps who prefer whinging to becoming proactive, or misogynists – instead, we say, especially in these times:

lovers & fighters – unite!

bright idea

Here on the blog (and in our newsletter aka brandbrief, which will light your mailbox on fire twice a month at most) you can expect diverse input around our topic: Revealing Identities. There is everything you need to come to your senses and to become yourself: philosophical, serious, rocking and sometimes silly content. From the point of view of two people who seek (and sometimes find) the true, the good and the beautiful.

We want to help you and inspire you, with concrete writing tips, practical advice in terms of WordPress and design, with case studies of our insanely interesting clients or simply with enlightening and entertaining album, series or book recommendations. How about that:

We let our light shine together, and the darkness has no chance anymore.

Bright Idea, right?

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