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I’ve worked internationally, at universities and ad agencies. Hence, I come up with content and copy, long and short, for pretty much anything professionally (you name it – I’ve named it): e.g. mailings, advertisements, films, posters, flyers, brochures, names, slogans, mission statements, song lyrics as well as websites and press releases. Above and beyond that, I can offer the following to fellow entrepreneurs or companies: project management, teambuilding and communication workshops and creative consultancy, as well as storytelling, transcreation, travelogues, editing books or magazines or taking care of social media activities. Individually or in package deals.

If ever you find yourself struggling for the
Right Words

Let metease
them out.

Let yourselfbe guided
by a pro.

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My core business:Authenticity.

Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favourite writers, puts it in a nutshell in her new book, “Big Magic”: “Most things have already been done – but they have not been done by you.” This means that, to start with, you need to feel like what you have to say is worth listening to: Of course, pretty much anything has been done or said before. But as soon as we get behind an idea with our very own passion and our very own language, it becomes ours, and we truly come into our own.

What is authentic communication?

According to the dictionary, “authentic” means: real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate. “Communication” signifies: the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else.

Piece of piss, right? Far from it! As put by the famous “Pope of Communication”, Paul Watzlawick: “One can’t not communicate.” You are always getting something across, whether you mean to or not. Better take care for it to be what you intend it to; in a way and a tonality appropriate to both yourself and your target audience. Not sure you can or even want to take on this task on your own? Then why not let a pro deal with it – I happen to know someone.

Here’s what clients and colleagues say about me:Testimonials

Fancy a little more? My Network

Even if your needs go beyond clear words in German and/or English, you’re in the best of hands here at BRIGHT IDEA. Designers of media, web and sound, photographers, translators, actors and speakers – thanks to my 23 moves (which felt more like 78) all across Europe, I am lucky to have worked with incredibly talented people. For example, with these mighty masters of the image, moving or still:



Photographer & Filmmaker

Eichhorst, a real Berliner and superb guitarist, took all my portrait photos here as well as the magnificent images of both a bay in Scotland and the Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas. He is available solo or in a team with Tim Meier (Stockholm), also a wonderful photographer, as film crew extraordinaire, kitchen-tv.com.




Webdesigner & Aesthetics Purist

An art director working part-time, he sometimes creates the space for side projects he finds interesting. Everyone who is into Old School, Dutch design and no-fuss-clarity should look him up. Like the gentlemen Eichhorst, Meier and Reishaus, he, too, is a musician; last seen on drums with Amsterdam’s Melomanics.




Wunderkind on Bass and Camera

Not in Berlin, not in Stockholm, not in Amsterdam; no, Maik, although from East German Wolgast, takes gorgeous pictures and strums his bass here by the river Hase, in Osnabrück. In case you don’t catch him on a stage before, you can check out the work of this talented, budding self-taught artist here:


That is why nothing is left to chance (or providers of stock material) here, in the virtual home of BRIGHT IDEA, either: logo, webdesign, photography – everything stems from other creative people who I know and value personally. And whom I can get on board for your project, if that’s what you need as a client.

That is how I work.How about you?

You’re not even sure yet what it is you need? No problem, we can find out swiftly in an informal chat, completely free of either charge or obligation.

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A Bright Idea ,,I say we invest our 10 large and I ‘accidentally’ get run over by a city bus!”

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