With Sigrun's legendary workshop,
let's make it

With Sigrun's legendary workshop, let's make it

Your greatest year yet!

For the ninth time, my mentor Sigrun is hosting her annual three-day live workshop for your business planning. It starts on 23rd November and is all about strategy - AND implementing the foundation that will really move your biz forward in 2023, with fun! Want to grow with a plan...and a li'l extra lovin' from yours truly?

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Finally know exactly what will get you ahead

Do you waste your precious time questioning your business moves far too often? Imagine being able to feel confident in every decision you make for your business in 2023.

My business mentor Sigrun is hosting a 3-day LIVE workshop to help you do exactly that. Sigrun's coaching programmes are the main reason I've been able to become one of the best in my field - as well as network with the right people and skyrocket my sales rate. And I'm sure she can help you do exactly the same. I'll attend the workshop myself, as every year - because that stuff WORKS.

The scoop: The whole thing costs only $47!

In just 3 days, from 3pm to 6 pm CET daily, you'll learn how to:

  • Stop improvising and start taking control of your business.
  • Create products and programmes that your dream customers will actually want to buy
  • Earn more without working more

...now that's a way to start the new year! 🙂


And shhh: snap up my free bonus!

Yeah, that's right - if you sign up through me, you get an extra strategy call with me and a very small group of like-minded change makers ON TOP, for no extra charge. 🥳 Just send me your receipt after your purchase with Sigrun! You'll even be able to choose between German or English - your, pun intended, call. 😻


...this Sigrun?

The fierce'n'feisty Icelander - who also speaks German, by the way - has been my mentor in all things online biz since 2017. Because she doesn't mince words and has bags full of integrity - which is immensely important to me. A fellow Aries, she is as passionate about gender equality as I am. Plus: Sigrun has built her own business from zero to seven figures - using exactly the process she shows you in her workshop.

Her intellect is sharp as a tack, and she is an ex-CEO and a fellow academic with 4 master's degrees (we both studied in London). Boring "planning planning" is out of the question - instead, prepare yourself for a lot of fun, and getting shit done! Taking Action is what the just ever so slightly scary Valkyrie is all about. 😜

Also: don't let the low price of the workshop fool you. If you really participate and implement, you can expect - and I say this from multiple experiences - really insane results.

Team Sigrun's group programmes start at $3000 and their masterminds cost up to $50K. And they are worth it - I myself was member of MOMENTUM for two years. So get in on this great offer and I'll see you LIVE at Sigrun's on 23rd November 2022.

Our link to Sigrun's workshop is an affiliate link. Why? Because I, Katja, have been a very satisfied customer since 2017 and recommend her with conviction. I know from my own experience that Sigrun's stuff works - if you use it for yourself. Ready to take ACTION?

Sigrun Somba Bright Idea


Your fave creative copywriter, change maker and Human Disco Ball

In case we don't know each other yet: Hi, I'm Dr. Katja Brunkhorst, founder of Bright Idea Holistic Branding.

I'm a multi-passionate Serial Expert, Doctor of Philosophy & Rock Chick. I already have a good seven years of success with Bright Idea under my glittering belt: as a creativity coach, conversion copywriter, personal branding consultant & yoga teacher, to name but a few facets. My mission? To help you uncover yours!

We just had our best year in business again, are in flow and growing - despite the non-stop crisis we are all in right now. Or precisely because of it: Currently we are in a historic phase, the REVALUATION OF ALL VALUES. This calls for us "Renaissance people", or empathetic, educated change makers, to step up & start revealing our identities. Let's create a new world together - with Sigrun and me, your human disco ball, in your corner, in the extra bonus call I'm throwing in at no cost if you sign up through me.

Hey ho - let's go!