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Say goodbye to website stress!

Your fully functional WordPress site to get you started

Hey you! There's no way around it anymore, you need a website and you kinda want WordPress. But you have no idea how or even where to get started!

Well, we do - so never mind winging it all alone. Just get started under our expert wing instead, with all the tech stuff taken care of. Fill your website with your content while we hold your hand! No helmet required.

We've got you covered!

bright idea

You don't want to...

get all techy and shit

spend a lot of money

get stuck with shit

We get that. You need a lean, mean, sexy selling machine as an online presence, not a nightmare of cobbled-together bits! Hey, there's just no need for you to become all desperate because building your website sucks.

Not only have we done all the coding work for you - we're also here to help with font, colour and layout questions. So it all looks and feels good together - and so will you, without those frown lines and smeared panda eyes.

And it's ridiculously affordable!

Get your shit together with us

DIY Kickstart is a five-week online workshop in a small and cozy group, with five live calls and two branding experts to guide you. We write copy, design and code in WordPress for a living and we've created this course for you as a newbie!

So if you're itching to make a splash with that big biz idea, but want to test the waters first before bringing out the big budget guns? If you're someone who is Chief Everything Officer still and doesn't have any time to waste?

Hop on, let's ride!


You definitely want to...

get crackin' right away

have control over your site

have a pro by your side

Bright Idea helps you to kick-start your dream project; with a set of prefab sample pages, including a blog. You can use this as a starting point to create your own content and design.

Your WordPress site is built on our solid in-house theme - created with you in mind, and it can be set to any language you desire. Your custom theme comes with the super clear and easy to follow Bright Idea Quick Start Guide, including instructions and tips to get you started the right way...and you can ask questions via email or in our Facebook group with your fellow kick-starters. This round will be held in English, but German and Dutch speakers can ask questions in their native tongue, too!

And there are weekly live expert calls!

We take care of the tech and help you achieve your website goals!

This is what you get:

Pre-built WordPress website

You'll get a pre-built WordPress website with sample content. We've already taken care of all the technical stuff: You'll have everything you need to get started right away!

Sample pages and templates

We have taken the liberty to already pre-populate your WordPress site with sample pages. You can use these as a blueprint or create new pages yourself using one of the many stylishly pre-designed modules and page templates, available in your WordPress-backend by the click of a button.

Live group calls

As of September 30th, there will be five live group calls as support. You have the opportunity to ask questions in advance in our Facebook group, by e-mail, or directly in the call each week. This is spread out over five weeks.

Tutorials & tips

We'll provide you with a quick start guide, video tutorials and expert tips & tricks. Not only on the practical side of things, but also on design and copy matters.

Tech support

Once you're done and ready to go online with your site, we'll take care of that. In the meantime, if you have any technical questions, we're there for you!

Need more info?

If you have any questions at all, just send us an e-mail.

Kickstart your biz success

Stop worrying about your site and get it moving with DIY Kickstart!

A fully functional WordPress site out of the box

We'll lay the foundation

Before you get started, we have already taken care of installing and configuring a fully functional WordPress website, together with all the tools you need. Simple and practical, so it's an ideal way for you to personalize your site. You have a premium page builder at your disposal, which allows you to quickly design layouts, choose colours and fonts. And to add a little more kick to your start, we have prepared some ready-made sample pages for you, including a blog!


Adding your own content is super easy

You focus on your content

You can easily build your pages modularly with a super-practical drag-and-drop system. Text blocks, full screen wallpapers, animations, sliders, accordions ..... you can really go to town and let your imagination run wild. And everything you've come up with can be saved and reused at any time, even complete page layouts.

Tutorials, Quick-Start Guide and live group calls

And we got your back

For five weeks, you will have our WordPress expert available to you. Our tuorials and quick-start guide are super clear already, but of course you can always ask us questions by e-mail. Once a week, five times in total, we answer them in a live group call via zoom. Four times, Hans is at the helm, all web-develop-y; once, Kat contributes valuable copywriting advice.


Ready Freddy?

I want it all, and I want it now!



Domain and hosting

Software and plugins

Bring it on!

Hi, we're Hans and Katja aka Bright Idea - a kick-ass pair, not just hot air. Together, we love to do bespoke work for our 1:1 clients, building their brand and making shit-hot websites to boot. Those are very intense processes and we really take our time to get the best results.

However, shockingly, there are only 24 hours in our day, too...and we simply cannot always take on every project that comes along. We also know that not everyone is ready for customized, done-for-you work, if only financially, yet our hearts beat for those biz newbies with burning ideas on how to improve the world.

That's why we started looking for a way to expand our services in a way that's attainable for everyone. Enter DIY Kickstart!

Join us and kick some biz ass!


Not of the nervous kind - just us, breaking it down for you to the nitty gritty once more...

This what you get

  • No more tech stress; everything is set up for you!
  • Pre-built WordPress website including sample content to get started right away
  • Create your own layouts via easy-to-use drag and drop system!
  • Responsive design: Your site will fit and look good on mobile phones and tablets
  • Pre-installation practical plugins for SEO (search results for your site in Google), GDPR (privacy policy)
  • Quick Start Guide with instructions and tips
  • We link your WordPress website to your domain
  • Five live expert group calls on Zoom
  • Support from your fellow kickstarters in our free Facebook group

Your investment


Tempted to DIY?

Hop on that waitlist!

Just put down your name here, no strings attached, and stay in the loop

You will be the first to know about our ridiculously good value early bird pricing. Plus, you'll receive valuable input on all things WordPress, websites and branding - and, by showing an interest in DIY Kickstart, possibly even the odd exclusive goodie. Because we're really looking forward to our September Kickstarters...come back to school with us and finally tackle that website of your dreams!

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