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What is Bright Idea all about?

Here we are: your new A-Team for all things creative. An agency that rocks, with one goal - for you to become who you are. And then, to show exactly that. Let's get you #fullofyourself - in a good way!


Simply put: You.

You don't mind the odd profanity? Partial to woo is what you are? You have been known to laugh, even at yourself at times? Awesome - rest assured we will be making magical branding babies together. "Hang on, hold your horses!", you say? Alright - let's introduce ourselves first.

We are New Workers. We have been to New York. Our family is trilingual and we have lived in London, Amsterdam, Berlin, Cologne and Munich. Currently, we call Osnabrück home, slap-bang in the middle of Europe - often, we can be found on the beaches of North Holland next door. Our thing?


In other words...

Your Word Nerd

Dr. Katja Brunkhorst

Hi, I'm Katja, a total Renaissance woman aka serial expert:  a creative copywriter and scholar of literature with a PhD from the University of London as well as a penchant for silliness, a Rilke and Nietzsche expert, a bilingual coach, an author and journalist for over 25 years, a musician, a multi-passionate free spirit and yoga teacher BDY/EYU. I've worked at universities, publishers and ad agencies across Europe and my favourite clients today include passionate game changers in Online Biz, exciting players like NIKE or NGOs such as the International Rescue Committee.

I founded BRIGHT IDEA in June 2015 to support kindred idealistic spirits from my zone of genius -


I'm forever fascinated by the concept of communication and how it can work. I call language home and I'm a bit obsessed with words and sounds. In my head I'm constantly making up songs, lyrics and neologisms (=clever speak for brand-new words).

My dearest wish is for you to find your expression, true to yourself. With great inner calmness and free from outside notions of who you should or shouldn't be. Find out how (re-)writing your story with me can be fun!

I contain multitudes. And so do you, fellow educated empath and change maker! Show yours - so that David Attenborough documentaries no longer have to make us cry. Let's move the world with moving words.


most wanted copy kat


Katja Brunkhorst, Ph.D.

Fave shows

This Is Us, IT Crowd, The Crown, Parks and Recreation, Flight of the Conchords, Good Girls Revolt, The Fabulous Mrs Maisel, Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Affair...etc. Hey, serial storytelling is the new literary art form. It may not be taking over from the novel just yet (and I adore reading), but is fast becoming its equal. In whatever shape, I love a bit of drama (except in my personal life)! We must get addicted to peace, innit. Oh, and I collect memoirs by awesome women, listen to the German equivalent of Radio 4 and read the German Guardian, DIE ZEIT (when I have time, LOL).

area of expertise

writing / consulting / yoga / singing / storytelling / Mami Moshpit (my alter ego as coach and DJane)

Star sign

Sun in Aries (moon in Leo and Leo rising) - I'm at my best when I'm reminded of my triple fire, and I burn for our planet, more empathy and less anthropocentrism 🔥


by and about Katja: Get readin' and write her back - she'll be chuffed to bits (she's still missing her Icelandic penpal who sent her those awesome mixtapes in the eighties)!

your picture of an artist

Hans Groen

Hi, I'm Hans. I studied graphic design in Amsterdam, which atypically led to me managing my favourite pub, the legendary rock'n'roll venue DE BLIKSEM, in my hometown, Den Helder. A few years of music-driven nightlife later, and I've returned to my favourite pastime as a designer and programmer. I play football, the drums, but most of all with design until everything is perfect - right down to the last detail.

In 2019, I joined BRIGHT IDEA full-time - since 2015, we have been working together more and more and have such great clients that I don't want to do anything else but help them


I'm Bright idea's Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer / Programmer. I stand for high-quality design, with implementation on- and offline. Digitally and analogously! With my years of experience in agencies as well as a freelance designer, I can offer a full range of profound design solutions. My Zone of Genius are truly state-of-the-art, tailor-made websites.

I program individually in WordPress - off the rack is not my bag! At the interface of design and programming, I have unique skills that will make you and your brand move forward visually.

force of design nature


Hans Groen

Fave albums

The Mars Volta - De-loused in the Comatorium, Moloko - Statues, Beastie Boys - Check Your Head, Stevie Wonder - Songs in the Key of Life, Smashing Pumpkins - Siamese Dream....oh well, there are so many different, remarkable and beautiful treasures. The question and its answers are will always start a fire of endless discussions. These I happen to like, too...

area of expertise

Graphic design / Programming / A love of detail / Football / Drums / Hanging out in record stores

Star sign

Sun in Aquarius (Moon in Leo & Capricorn rising...might as well be penguin as far as he's concerned)


about Hans and work samples? Check out

A Bright Idea ,,If you don't get out there and define yourself, you'll be quickly and inaccurately defined by others."

Michelle Obama

Let's talk it over

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Or not just yet? If you are still unsure which 1:1 service makes sense for you - and which one doesn't - we offer you a free, no-strings-attached, 30-minute call before booking: Our VERY DISCO CALL.

Tell us what you want, what you really, really want. We will try to give it to you! If it's not a good fit between us, we'll tell you honestly. In general, we advise you openly and sometimes passionately; but in the end, you are the boss and have the last word. In the next step you can schedule your own personal discovery call with us....