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Hi there, big-hearted Business Shero who uses her head for more than just displaying a cute hairdo!

You dig what we do - but you're not ready yet for a financial commitment? Perhaps you're just starting our with your own bright idea, or you're a change maker in the middle of a pivot? Worry not. We got you!

All resources on this page are completely free: Are you wondering who you are as a Personal Brand? Would you like to grasp more of that mysterious WordPress in order to set up your own website? Or do you fancy some yummy inspiration for writing your own killer Copy?

Regardless of where you are on your path towards your kick-ass brand as an empathetic, sensitive, idealistic entrepreneur, we will constantly be adding helpful stuff to this page for you from now on.

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Reveal Your Identity gratis Mini-Kurs

holistic brand manual

Reveal Your Identity

This starter kit for your personal branding from the inside out features music, yoga and mental disco balls; yet, alas, is only available in German right now. An English translation is coming up soon. And to make the international confusion, erm, glam factor complete: it was made with love on Texel and contains a dash of wild Dutch North Sea wind.

the hans-on guide to web/design

The Website Plan & Vocabulary

Want to learn more about the basics of web design and/or are you preparing yourself to build your own WordPress website? No need to gnaw off your own arm - here are some ace impulses on content, layout, copy, images and typography to outsource overwhelm - and get you moving in the right direction again!

website freebies
how to write in style

your stuck-busting mini bible on

How to Write in Style

Fun first aid for copy that kicks conversion butt! Feel the flow and fret no more when faced with that dreaded blank page - featuring NIETZSCHE's tips on style. With some added inspiration to get you creatin' WRITE NOW!