Our Gift to You this Bizmas

12 brilliant Masterclasses - LIVE & for free!

Pure content, no pitch, for growing your online business.

My coach Sigrun is gifting you powerful value: from December 25th - January 5th, dive into 12 different business topics delivered by Europe's leading biz mentor! And I'm adding a Live Networking and Q&A Call on 06th January 2024 plus a 13th masterclass on copywriting.

My Bonus for you: An extra masterclass on copywriting

Hey ho ho ho - let's go!

On top of Sigrun's already amazing gift of 12 of her most popular masterclasses to move the needle in your biz in 2024, I'll add a rockin' bonus especially for you.

As a creative copywriter, I know: writing about yourself is HARD! Especially if you're a sensitive, multi-passionate change maker. But it's non-negotiable if you want your people to sit up and notice, and then fall in love with, YOU - not your competitor. That is why I'm contributing this lucky 13th masterclass for you, for free. I want you to write with ease!

So claim yourself - join me as we:

  • Rock your crystal clear, authentic ABOUT ME page
  • Kiss awake your creativity in a fun, workshop with on-the-spot implementation
  • Reveal your identity, bust those blocks and let your unique claim shine with my Holistic Disco Ball Method™
  • In case you're a GERMAN speaker, you'll be excited to know that you have the option of receiving the German-only class!
  • And don´t forget to mark your calendar for that LIVE Networking and Q&A Call at 1pm CET on January 06th 2024.

Grab this gift

...and build your biz, with proven strategies to boost online profits. Be there LIVE or binge-watch 13 x 60min of powerful value and actionable advice.

My long-term business mentor Sigrun, who I learned loads from from 2017-2022, is going all-out: For 12 days from December 25th, she hosts a live masterclass daily, and you have full access to all masterclasses until January 5th. Sigrun is Europe’s leading business coach and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs like you to grow and scale their online business. Now you, too, can benefit from these 12 LIVE masterclasses, normally reserved exclusively for Sigrun’s members - totally free:


13 Masterclasses in 13 days:

  • Can You Actually Create A Six Figure Online Business In One Year?
  • How To Transform Your Knowledge & Expertise Into A Thriving Online Business
  • Create An Online Offer That Sells Like Hot Cakes In Any Economy
  • How To Go From Selling To 1:1 Clients…To Selling To Many
  • Explode Your Email List with the Ultimate Freebie
  • Unleash Your Online Business Potential with AI
  • The Truth About Multiple & Passive Revenue Streams
  • How To Plan One Month Of Content & Social Media… in 60 Minutes
  • From Zero To Multiple Seven Figures - The Truths That Nobody Tells You
  • Morning Routines & Mindsets You Need For Online Business Success
  • Find The Perfect Online Course Idea In Less Than An Hour
  • The Ultimate Masterclass - Stepside the Mistakes and get the Right Strategies
  • ...AND my on-demand masterclass on how to write your authentic ABOUT ME page. You can choose between German and English, too!


...this Sigrun?

She has been my biz mentor since 2017. Because she doesn't mince words and has tons of integrity - which is immensely important to me. As a fellow fiery Aries, she is idealistic, too, her mission being to accelerate gender equality. Plus: Sigrun has built her own business from zero to seven figures - using the processes she shows you in her masterclasses.

Her intellect is super-sharp, and she is an ex-CEO and a fellow academic with 4 master's degrees.

Don't let the gift-nature of the masterclasses fool you. If you really take them in and implement, you can expect - and I say this from experience - pretty cool results. I, too, come back year after year for this training! #betterthannetflix

Her group programs start at $3000 and her masterminds cost up to $50K. And they are worth it - I myself was a member of MOMENTUM for two years. So get in on this great offer and I'll see you LIVE at my Networking and Q&A Call on January 06th 2024 at 1pm CET!

Sigrun Somba Bright Idea


It's Dr. Katja Brunkhorst

Hi there! In case we don't know each other yet, I'm Katja, founder of Bright Idea Holistic Branding. I'm a multi-passionate Serial Expert and Lady-Doctor of Philosophy, Mummy Moshpit & Rock Chick. I already have over eight years of success with Bright Idea under my glittering belt: as a conversion copywriter, branding consultant, creativity coach & yoga teacher. And full disclosure: as a happy former client, I've been a proud affiliate partner of Sigrun's for years!

We just had our best year in business again, are in flow and growing - despite the non-stop crisis we are all in right now. Or precisely because of it: Currently we are in a historic phase, the REVALUATION OF ALL VALUES. This calls for us empathetic, educated change makers, so let's create a new world together - with Sigrun and me, your human disco ball.

Hey ho ho ho - let's go!