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Chances are your website is your single most important medium: Here, you tell your story in words and pictures that make you sigh with pride, and that convert clickers into clients. Ideally, your website is aligned with you. It fully reflects the core values of your brand and holistically puts your message across. It does? Congrats, you can click away. It doesn't? Super, it will soon if you drop us a line. Sounds good? Our Bright New Site package does more than that - it also delivers a sexy yet solid branding base which is instantly applied to the website, like a direct visual implementation of your identity as we reveal it in our work together.

This package is for you if you are prepared to go on the exciting (and sometimes, highly emotional) journey named full web relaunch. Translation: we help you move to where you want to be standing. So your clients know precisely what you do, and do not, stand for. The real value of that? We reckon: priceless.

PS: More often than not, our Bright New Site Clients turn out to become the trend-setting, game-defining leader of their genre, at the top of their field. So be warned: they tend to get copied (badly). Ready to turn into the iconic, state-of-the-art role model for those copy cats? Hit that request button!


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    bright idea beratung
    bright idea beratung

    A Bright Idea ,,An identity would seem to be arrived at by the way in which the person faces and uses his experience.“

    James Baldwin