The 8-Week Website Workshop

Create your own WordPress website with Bright Idea!

DIY Kickstart WordPress Workshop
DIY Kickstart Bright Idea Website

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Say goodbye to website stress and hello to

fully functional WordPress site

Hey you! There's no way around it anymore, you need a website and you kinda want WordPress. But you have no idea how or even where to get started!

Well, I do - so never mind winging it all alone. Just get started under my expert wing instead, with a fully functional WordPress website for you to turn into your own. All the tech stuff is taken care of and you'll get expert design tips to help you along the way. Fill your website with your content while I'll hold your hand! No helmet required.

I've got you covered!

Hans DIY Kickstart

You don't want to...

worry about tech

spend too much money

get stuck!

I get that. You need a lean, mean, sexy selling machine as an online presence, not a nightmare of cobbled-together bits! Hey, there's just no need for you to become all desperate because building your website sucks.

Not only have I done all the coding work for you - I'm also here to help with font, colour and layout questions. So it all looks and feels good together - and so will you, without those frown lines and smeared panda eyes.

And it's ridiculously affordable!


build your brand new website

with a little help from a pro

DIY Kickstart is an 8-week online workshop in a small and cozy group, with five live group calls and one expert to guide you. From the first two weeks of preparation bootcamp to working with weekly gameplans towards the end goal: Your brand new website.

I design and code in WordPress websites for a living and I've created this course for you as a newbie! So if you're itching to make a splash with that big biz idea, but want to test the waters first before bringing out the big budget guns? If you're someone who is Chief Everything Officer still and doesn't have any time to waste?

Hop on, let's ride!


You definitely want to...

have an expert by your side

have control over your site

get results fast

Bright Idea helps you to kick-start your dream project; with a set of prefab sample pages, including a blog. You can use this as a starting point to create your own content and design.

Your WordPress site is built on our solid in-house theme - created with you in mind, and it comes with the super clear and easy to follow Bright Idea Quick Start Guide, including instructions and tips to get you started the right way...and you can ask questions via email or in our Facebook group with your fellow kick-starters. This round will be held in English, but German and Dutch speakers can ask questions in their native tongue, too!

And there are weekly live expert calls!


in a nutshell

How it works

WordPress DIY Kickstart

I lay the foundation

Get started with a fully functional WordPress website, together with all the tools you need. Everything is set up for you, ready to just have to fill it with your own content!

  • your own pre-built WordPress website
  • including sample pages and blog
  • tech work done for you!

You focus on your content

Now you can create your own website using the ready-made sample layouts as a starting point. You can edit modularly with a super-practical drag-and-drop system.

  • super easy editing with premium tools
  • no programming required
  • weekly workplans for structure

I got your back

You'll get access to all the documentation & tutorials you need to help you design & create your own website. If you still have questions, you'll have full support from a WordPress-expert.

  • quick start guide, design tips & video tutorials
  • tech & design support for 8 weeks!
  • live group calls
DIY Kickstart WordPress Workshop

alumni testimonials

What did they think about DIY Kickstart?


Martina Wildt

It's SO worth it. You have very good tech and design support when creating your page, and then later you can then edit it yourself at any time. Thank you very much for your great work and especially to Hans, who managed everything so reliably and clearly.


Annette Bauer

It really made me want to get into it, take action and be able to build a website myself. The support from Hans was always very caring and warm. This is so valuable because I was guided in the right direction, but I was still able to build it myself at my own pace. For everyone who really wants to understand who they are and what they stand for and not just want a "bought" website for themselves.


Dr. Anja Breetholt

You get a great, pre-designed website that really looks beautiful to start with and that you can adapt to your heart's content! It really helps if you at least a bit of a feel for design and you definitely need enough time so that you can finish the page in that time. The support is world class and every question is answered within a very short time. No matter what your wish - Hans makes it possible. I felt very well looked after!


Sandra Thierolf

The tutorial videos were great, all clear and understandable! I was able to understand the individual steps well and apply them to my website myself. The DIY theme is great! It's great to work with. I was able to adopt many modules 1:1 and only adapt them to my design. The DIY is THE course if you want to get your website up and running in just 8 weeks. Hans knows how to explain step by step how to get from A to B with humor and know-how, so that in the end you'll have a website that you designed yourself and can be proud of!


Nathalie Follmann

I really enjoyed DIY Kickstart. The course is great, especially for WordPress beginners, because no knowledge is required and the site is set up from the start. Hans created lots of great templates so that I could get started right away. Every week there were new video tutorials in which he dealt with different main topics. We all worked individually on our website, but thanks to the common Facebook group, there was always a great exchange and the other people's questions often helped me a lot. My highlight were the weekly calls, in which we went through open questions and were also able to take a look at the websites of the other participants. With Hans as a thoroughbred designer, I had someone by my side who not only helps me with technical questions, but also has incredibly good know-how and a feel for design. So a full recommendation for everyone who has the desire and time for a WordPress adventure where you are your own art director!

Your time to shine?

get up and do the website dance


I took care of the tech to help you achieve your website goals!

This is what you get:

2-Week preparation bootcamp

Preparation is everything, and we're not going to write success stories if we start without knowing what content or what design basics to use. So before we get all creative in WordPress, we're going to make sure we do it with a plan! The first two weeks of DIY Kickstart is preparation bootcamp: We'll look at what fonts, colors and images to use, as well as what your actual content will be.

Pre-built WordPress website

You'll get a pre-built WordPress website with sample content. We've already taken care of all the technical stuff: You'll have everything you need to get started right away!

Sample pages and templates

We have taken the liberty to already pre-populate your WordPress site with sample pages. You can use these as a blueprint or create new pages yourself using one of the many stylishly pre-designed modules and page templates, available in your WordPress-backend by the click of a button.

Easy-to-use layout tools

I found the ideal way for you to personalize your site. Especially for you, I made a selection of premium tools that are super-practical and easy-to-use! They allow you to quickly design or edit layouts, choose colours and fonts. Simple and practical. You can easily build your pages modularly with a super-practical drag-and-drop system. Text blocks, full screen wallpapers, animations, sliders, accordions ..... you can really go to town and let your imagination run wild. And everything you've come up with can be saved and reused at any time, even complete page layouts.


Normally, the combined premium tools cost more than €200/year, but for DIY Kickstarters everything's included in your one-time investment!

Live group calls

There will be five live group calls as support. You have the opportunity to ask questions in advance in our Facebook group, by e-mail, or directly in the call each week. This is spread out over the course of 8 weeks.

Course material, tutorials & expert tips

You'll get your own personal access to the DIY Kickstart course platform, where you will find all the course materials as well as a quick start guide, video tutorials and expert tips & tricks. Not only on the technical side of things, but also on design matters.

Tech support

Once you're done and ready to go online with your site, we'll take care of that. In the meantime, if you have any technical questions, we're there for you!


Free 1:1 support!

You'll get an extra 1:1 ZOOM-call with me! We'll have 1 hour to discuss whatever it is you need help with, for zero extra money. (Normal price is €150 😉

Du willst mehr Info?

Wenn Du noch Fragen hast, just send me an e-mail und wir sprechen einfach live am Fon oder in Zoom.


Kickstart your biz success

Stop worrying. Stop procrastinating. Get moving with DIY Kickstart!


inside DIY Kickstart

All your course materials in one place

As soon as DIY Kickstart journey together, you'll get your own personal access to all of the course materials in the DIY Kickstart membership area. Here you'll find everything you need in one place...

PDF downloads

In our Quick Start Guide I'll guide you through the first steps: From setting up the hosting for your website to exploring the basics of your WordPress website. Amongst other PDF's, you'll also find a comprehensive, 200+ page WordPress Manual, in case you want or need to refer to general WordPress knowledge.


Weekly modules and targets

Our goal is to end up with a finished website after 8 weeks. To make sure you get there step-by-step, I've created weekly modules with specific assignments and topics. In each module you'll find the relevant info and tutorials.

Video Tutorials

Your DIY Kickstart course hub is also the home of a growing library of video tutorials on all the relevant stuff you need to know. From basic WordPress functions to specific layout tricks in your page builder tool.


Preview your Kickstart website!

The default DIY WordPress website, developed especially to kickstart your own!




Domain and hosting

Software and plugins

Hans Groen

An expert by your side

My name is Hans Groen. I'm Bright Idea's very own, all-in-one Art Director, Graphic Designer, Web Designer / Programmer. In our 1:1 client work I'm responsible for high-quality design, with implementation on- and offline. Digitally and analogously! Through years of experience working in agencies as well as independently, I can offer a full range of design solutions. My Zone of Genius however, would definitely be creating tailor-made websites. My unique combination of both design and programming skills allows me to do so independently. Over the last couple of years I've worked on over 100 web projects, mainly in WordPress.

However, shockingly, there are only 24 hours in my day, too...and at Bright Idea we simply cannot always take on every project that comes along. I also know that not everyone is ready for customized, done-for-you work, if only financially, yet my heart beats for those biz newbies with burning ideas on how to improve the world.

That's why I started looking for a way to expand our services in a way that's attainable for everyone. Enter DIY Kickstart!


This is definitely for you if...

  • you need a quick, practical and not too expensive solution for your new website
  • you're definitely eager to learn how to build and manage your own
  • you have a pretty clear vision what it is you need out of your website

This is probably not for you if...

  • you have little time and you can't spare at least one full day a week
  • you have a serious phobia of anything remotely digital
  • you don't have a clear business strategy yet and you're maybe not entirely sure why you need a website


Not of the nervous kind - just us, breaking it down for you to the nitty gritty once more...

This what you get

  • No more tech stress; everything is set up for you!
  • Pre-built WordPress website including sample content to get started right away
  • Create your own layouts via easy-to-use drag and drop system!
  • Responsive design: Your site will fit and look good on mobile phones and tablets
  • Pre-installation practical plugins for SEO (search results for your site in Google), GDPR (privacy policy)
  • technical and design support for 8 weeks
  • Quick Start Guide and other PDF's with instructions and tips
  • We link your WordPress website to your domain
  • Five live expert group calls on Zoom
  • Support from your fellow kickstarters in our free Facebook group
  • premium tool licences included (worth over €200/year!)

Your investment


Stay in the loop

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You'll be among the first folk to get notified about our DIY Kickstart Early Bird offer. Plus, you'll receive hot input on all things WordPress, websites and Branding - along with selected, exclusive goodies from us. Because we're already looking forward to our next bunch of bright branding bandits after our Beta group have come back to school with us and finally take action on that website of your wet dreams!

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