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Brand New You

The class of 2023/2024 is taking off soon!


Hey you...

It's time to become who you are!

Are you an empathetic, multi-passionate entrepreneur full of idealism, too? And do you long to make the world a little bit better with your work?

But you still can't get your message across somehow?

How has the permanent crisis we seem to be in changed your mindset and your biz - or even blocked it?

Do you feel you need to reconnect with the core of your being and the values you stand for - in a safe space with kindred spirits? And permanently change the mantra in your head that unconsciously controls you?

So that you can write with abandon, creativity and self-confidence and attract your soulmate clients with your message...despite all that?

Then I have something for you!


Brand New you

BRAND NEW YOU is a multi-month online group coaching experience like no other that takes you from the core of your being to your brand message - so that your dream clients find you (fabulous)!


no more hide-and-seek!

your brand - that's you! but:

You don't really want to show yourself. You're asking yourself:

  • How do I get out of the post-crisis shock paralysis - so that my biz doesn't just stagnate?
  • What will give me a good dose of mission consciousness - so that my brand is seen and heard?
  • Who can help me to get back into the flow - so that I can refuel this fall and continue to grow...for a spectacular 2024?

Simple. A Woman of Letters - armed with Holistic Branding.

What the heck that is? We approach you from all sides...and find your brand essence

- with all your senses, different methods and the right questions! Holistic branding means: branding from the inside out. The result: a branding that is 100% you, that makes you feel 100% good and at the same time sets you apart from the rest.

This is what makes it so authentic, sustainable and valuable - as many of our own dream clients can confirm.

In a group full of like-minded people we find out together:

Who were you again - before your radiance was covered by so many layers?

Immerse yourself in different approaches to shedding these layers. It's all inside you already, we just uncover it - with ancient methods from yoga and philosophy, creativity techniques, music and playlists.

like these amazing alumna:

Christiane Yavuz

“BND is where the magic happens!”

A terrific and diverse combination of input, exercises, creative suggestions and humorous motivational pushes. BNY is unique, of course, especially because, well: Katja 😉 Concretely? The video messages always struck a chord with me and provided exactly the suggestions and "assignments" I needed to move forward with "my topics" (i.e.: discovering and exposing brand essence, developing business message courage and clarity). The live calls were mega helpful, especially because of the trustful exchange in our circle. I was able to take so much away from EACH of the amazing women on board BNY. To feel that we are not alone with our beliefs and values and plans was and is gold. And then: THE WORKBOOK *enlightened choir of angels resounds* Simply great and it will continue to serve me 100% faithfully - also in the future - for orientation, drawing strength, recognising and sorting topics, etc.

Christiane Yavuz, Mannheim

Gudrun Khünl-Brady

"If you really want to write something that reflects you, jump into this program."

Katja has such a great scowl (bös guggen in Austrian)! So if you really want to write something that reflects you, jump into this program. What do I mean - reflects you? I have developed into myself. To my hidden, wrapped-up core. At least I've come closer to it. How do I notice this in the writing? I recognize myself in them, think: yes, that fits! The texts before were always somehow dishonest. Not authentic. There was this feeling when I read them: that's not me. This is like I think someone else expects it to be me, do you understand what I mean? You know that feeling? I don't have that now. I'm getting closer and closer to my style because I'm getting closer to myself again. And the exchange with Katja and the other women is great. I wouldn't want to miss this program.

Dr. Gudrun Khünl-Brady, Wien

Michi Primus

"Do it by all means! You learn to let yourself speak in your writing."

Thanks to Katja, I can finally write texts that really sound like me. Think of it as a journey back to yourself. Yes, a lot of things come up, but Katja creates a real safe space where everyone can just be and discover themselves anew. She knows how to draw you out. You release blockages, create a good mindset and you create from the very first minute. You get to know different tools that will help you for even longer. And yes, she really is so authentic, that's what I like most about her. ...with a lot of heart and humour.

Michi Primus, Portugal

I am Katja

Woman of Letters, life-long writer and creative copywriter, coach and consultant since 2015, for brands such as NIKE and well-known 6- and 7-figure female entrepreneurs. My thing is, above all, to help fellow serial experts with a heart AND a brain to reconnect with their authentic expression and thus their IMPACT, so that one day David Attenborough documentaries will no longer have to make us cry. Cos the Western Woman will have to save the world, dammit!

Besides branding and literary studies, as a multi-passionate human disco ball and serial expert respectively, I am also firmly rooted and an active practicioner in both yoga and music. For you, I use my experience from all these areas to bring out your identity in a holistic way.

If you want to get a big portion of empowerment and inspiration from me and like to write (more), then BNY is your program. Especially because, as a fellow highly sensitive empath, I know about the importance of a safe space - and I can and want to hold it for us. Especially at the moment!

Dr. Katja Brunkhorst

more brilliant BNY graduates:

dr. marie weitbrecht

"BNY is a dance party of positive vibes, unleashed creativity and bold belting out."

If you need support with your message, go do BNY! You'll end up with pages upon pages of snappy wording for your website/offers/social media, a new job title, and sparring partners who feel like the supportive friends you never had. BNY blew me open! It's exactly what I wanted. And: You got me! I am a Katja FAN!!! I think the mixture of everything that makes you you is super! Especially the breathing exercises and dance session(s) work great! The program is simply AWESOME.

Dr. Marie Weitbrecht


Anna Rischke

If you're stuck in your words and messaging, make sure you take part in this program! Katja manages to reconnect you with your feelings and your worlds with her rad style, wide-ranging knowledge and experience matrix from philosophy, to musician, lyricist and yoga teacher, so that you can speak and write about yourself in a new way.

Nathalie Follmann

Natalie Follmann

Brand New You is already the second program I've done with Katja. She brings a lot of her absolutely inspiring personality to the table. And you can see that in the tasks: they are so varied and anything but boring that the fun factor is really high. If you schedule enough time for it, the course is worth its weight in gold!

Anja Legero

Anja Legero

Katja is the rock star of branding - and this program is totally up-lifting. This is not just a branding course. You get to know yourself in this experience in a new way! And that is so valuable, because your brand is based on you! Be sure to sign up!

nathalie schiffers-de jong

Natalie Schiffers-De Jong

My full recommendation for the BNY training course. Especially if you are stuck in your business, can't put your finger on it and want to exchange ideas and grow with like-minded people at eye level, you are in the best of hands with Katja!

Kerstin Mader

Kerstin Mader

I am so glad I signed up and thank you from the bottom of my heart for this great experience. It really changed a lot and I finally got into action. If you hesitate: do it! Katja is the bomb 🙂

Vanessa Laszlo

Vanessa Laszlo

If you are up for creative, in-depth impulses and also need pragmatic business advice, you have to do this! Katja is absolutely great in her role as mentor!

Come join the class of 2023/2024...

...the classiest yet!

The fifth and next round of BNY will be bigger, bolder, longer and more transformative than ever. For the first time, we roll internationally - with extra space for copy edits in German. Share the news with people who are also making the world a better place and who you think you'd vibe with!

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Are you a fellow


Then jump into our gang and make it our Brand New We! So far we have been: Doctors. Naturopaths. Artists. Scientists. Craftswomen. Coaches. Astro-Nerds. Yoga People. Musicians. Designers. Academics. Photographers. Again and again: mothers. Change makers who CARE! We need you.


Maren Zindler

Biggest game-changer. Do it, take what suits you, leave what you don't need. No matter where you are in your career or perhaps in your private life, if you really take the time for the tasks and open yourself up to it, you will come to a point where you become very calm and you see crystal clear that everything is possible and everything is inside you, you have to sort it out, perhaps find it within yourself first - and then do it. And that simply doesn't work without an understanding view from the outside and support, no matter how smart you are. The weekly live meeting in Zoom in particular is brilliant because it transports the whole thing into real life.


Dr. Anja Breetholt

All I can say is: go for it! I was very inhibited beforehand, still unsure of how I wanted to position myself, in how my writing should be pitched,...etc. Katja has made me believe that my way of expressing myself and writing is exactly right, because it will attract exactly the people who will be incredible fun to work with. I don't have to pretend, to conform to conventions, but just the opposite. I feel much more comfortable when it comes to writing my copy for my homepage. And I've learned a lot again to put masochist perfectionism on the back burner 😉 Now it's time to really get going!